Ted Roddy Full Circle Hightone
Top-notch harmonica wielding Austin roots rocker.
$8.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

La Santa Cecilia Noche y Citas
Early 5 song self release by this soulful Latin Grammy winning band.
$5.00 Latin

Sean Wheeler & Zander Schloss Walk Thee Invisible
9 song album from one of the best duos around (Throw Rag, Weirdos)
$8.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Billy Joe Winghead Spanish Asshole Magnet
Latest album by art- damaged Oklahoma punks. Not for the faint of heart.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Nervebreakers Hijack The Radio Get Hip!
15 vintage tracks from Dallas’ most important proto- punk band,
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Taxi Like A Dog Dead Beat
Great French act featuring future member of Guida.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage 

Slackeye Slim El Santo Grial La Pistola Pidosa Farmageddon
Spaghetti Western- esque opus from this solo practitioner.
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Various Danielle Colby present the music of Farmageddon Records Farmageddon
Star of American Pickers curates 14 rough and tumble tracks.
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Various Black Hill Highway Stanley
Limited edition Australian alt- country comp.
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Timmy Thomas Opportunity/Turn Back The Hands of Time Overtown/Saustex
Limited promo from the Miami legend.
$4.00 Soul

Solo band project by Hickoids guitarist Tom Truckstop.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage 

Hans Frank “El Gallo” Cinco de Gallo: Live at Boneshakers
Solo outing by that fancy Glambilly man
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

The Angel Babies
Unusual and artful New Mexico garage rock.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Beaver Nelson Macro/Micro Freedom
Experimental project from the Austin singer/ songwriter
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Rice Moorehead You Make Me Feel...
Randy and thumping garage blues tracks from the Hickoids and Bigfoot Chester bassist.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Amberjack Rice Get So Little
Second solo outing from “Don’t Call Me Amberjack” Rice Moorehead.
$8.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Amberjack Rice New Roots
Debut outing reveals the manic and goofy potential of the boy from Knoxville.
$8.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Various Unplug This
Great snapshot of mid-late 90’s Austin with 19 tracks recorded live at Hole in The Wall with The Gourds, The Damnations, Pat McDonald (Timbuk 3) and much more.
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

The Krayolas Best Riffs Only Box
Collection of 16 classic recordings from the bands’ 1970’s “Mexican- American Beatles” heyday.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Krayolas La Conquistadora Box
Contemporary album by the band with a more rough hewn, poetic approach.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Two Timin’ Four Dark Before The Dawn
14 tracks from these neo-rockabilly traditionalists
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

The Two Timin’ Three Payin’ The Price
13 tracks from the slimmed-down version of the band.
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Sam Cole & The D.W. Idols
Former leader of Austin’s Pallbearers goes Barton Skyline.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chuck’s Wagon
Australian boy loves Texas country!
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chuck's Wagon Duo Live In Austin Texas!
Chuck’s repertoire recorded live at Roadhouse Rags
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chuck's Wagon Lipstick & Sin
Slickly produced full length by our boy from Down Under.
$5.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chuck’s Wagon Black Road
The Black Road single, duo versions of many of his album cuts and bonus DVD of the Black Road video.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chuck’s Wagon I Play Country
Most recent release from our friend.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Mitch Webb & The Swindles Lonely Kind
San Antonio country rocker carries the Doug Sahm torch.
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders 14th & Nowhere Rank Outsider
Another brilliant set from an American R’n’R treasure
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Hilary York In The Dark Hey Miau
Second helping from the throaty and sultry Austin songstress.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Hilary York The Moon Hey Miau
Debut from the lovely and talented Ms. York
$7.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

The Krayolas Americano Box
Full length Tex-Mex adventure by the Saldana Brothers with guest spots by Augie Meyers and Flaco Jimenez.
$8.00  R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Krayolas 1070 (I’m Your Dirty Mexican) Box
5 song “Americano” teaser EP and stand-alone single
$5.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Chrissy Flatt Wings Of A Butterfly
Folky debut by Chrissy.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Chrissy Flatt Walk With Kings
More mature second full-length from Ms. Flatt.
$6.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Louise Gold & The Quartz Orchestra Debut Skycap
Artful and jazzy outing from the Berlin songstress.
$7.00 Other

Various The Sounds of Gasoline Volume 1 Gasoline
First in the Gasoline series of comps. 21 tracks of psychobilly hits with Memphis Morticians, The Tombstones, Turbo AC’s, etc.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Various The Sounds of Gasoline Volume 2 Gasoline
Second in the series featuring many of the same bands.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Various The Sounds of Gasoline Volume 3 Gasoline
Final comp in the series. Sure to be a collector’s items for fans of the genre.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Motorama Psychotronic Is The Beat Dead Beat
Lo-fi Spanish garage madness.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Cory Case Waiting On A Remedy Dead Beat
Lo-fi rock’n’roll on the great Dead Beat Recs - they always deliver something interesting.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Stickpony Head First Through The Sound Club-du-Musique
Cowpunk from Brit Jones and company with nods to Wilco and Hickoids.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Sunday Drunks Dead Beat
Debut from Dallas garage band featuring ex- Mullens.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Sunday Drunks On The Prowl Dead Beat
Second helping from the crew.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Weaklings Rock’n’Roll Owes Me Dead Beat
High-octane garage punk with Bradley Batin of P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. on vox
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Jack Endino Permanent Fatal Error Wondertaker
Solo album by the venerable Seattle producer of Nirvana and many others.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Ain’t If it’s Illegal to Rock’n’Roll Put My Ass In Jail Wondertaker
The title says it all.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Everything Must Go Dead Teenager
Straight up SF punk rock.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Hullabaloo Lubritorium C/Z
Sluggo’s Boston crew that will leave your ears ringing.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Midnight Bombers Evil Streets Wondertaker
SF skate punk - hard’n’heavy
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Various The Sick Ones Volume 1 Flying Saucer
International Psychobilly comp with Koffin Kats,Bamboula, Season of Nightmares and 22 more
$12.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Nashville Liverpool Underground Medicine Show
Sealed promo by this Americana outfit featuring Mike Badger of The La’s
$8.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Evan Johns & The Hillbilly Soul Surfers Moontan Big Cypress
2001 release pairing Mr. Johns with his pals.
$12.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Glambilly Cavalier Behavior
Thumping album from Hans Frank and company.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Ugly Beats Bring On The Beats Get Hip!
Fab album from Austin’s favorite retro garage act.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Los Explosivos Get Hip!
First rate Mexican garage punk
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Ken Jones with Peace Corps Pastures of Plenty Not Records Tapes
Old-school Austin folk make punk rock meets poetry.
$6.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The In & Outlaws
GREAT San Antonio alt-country done with chops and humor.
$9.00 Country/Folk, Americana, Singer/ Songwriter

Texacala Jones & Her T.J. Hookers Honey Records
Tex of Tex & The Horseheads with her late 90’s Austin act. Excellent gargagified rock’n’roll.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Feelers Learn To Hate The Feelers Dead Beat
This one will tear you up!
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Ugly Beats Take A Stand With Get Hip!
More retro garage from these Austin faves.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Me-Thinks Make Mine A Double Indian Casino
The pride of Haltom City deliver it old- school style with this double CD release.
$6.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Rockin’ Guys Performance Art Miscreants Ironic
Full-length from the trashmen of Little Rock.
$6.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Legendary Tiger Man Masquerade Get Hip
Classy Portuguese lo-fi garage
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Billy Joe Winghead Dark Ride Zodiac Killer
Oklahoma’s answer to musical anemia featuring the hit “You’re Going To Hell”
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Los Mockers Original Recordings 1965-67 Get Hip
Stones influenced Uruguayan band. Truly classic.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Os Haxixins Get Hip
Retro Brazilian garage rock. Killer.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Various L’Austin Space Triggerfish
19 track mid-90’s German comp with 18 tracks by Jesus Christ Superbly, Fuckemos, Tallboy and more.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Dirty Power Dead Teenager
Aggressive Bay Area modern rock with a thumpin’ side of punk.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Functional Blackouts Very Best of The Monkees Dead Beat
Raging skanky punk.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Oddly Enough No Cement or Dirt Wondertaker
Jazzy and eclectic Ska...not your mama’s pot pie hat wearing stuff.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Gregg Turner Plays The Hits
Solo outing from the former Angry Samoan.
$6.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Bug Nasties Which Way You Wanna’ Go?
Sock it to me soul inspired garage rock from Seattle guitarist Bother James.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Juanita Y Los Feos Dead Beat
Excellent female fronted garage rock form Madrid.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Bamboula Guilty Pleasures Kaiser
Hard charging, humorous psychobilly from California.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Sinister Six Sinestria Get Hip
Mighty guitar garage rock from Seattle.
$8.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Swindles Drunk For Your Amusement
Keeping the San Anto sound real.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

The Swindles Songs In The Key of T
Tacoland inspired roots rock
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Amberjack Rice Bicycle Vigilante
Hickoids’ bassist makes progress towards don’t call me Amberjack status.
$7.00 R’N’R, Punk, Garage

Silo 10 Dog Fingers
Recorded in one of the grain silos clustered outside The Blue Star Art Complex in San Antonio, Texas. Robert "Bobdog" Catlin (Pseudo Buddha) captured the natural reverb of the silo utilizing the Doghouse Mobile Recording Unit. These instrumentals range from the lilting beauty of "winter/ spring" to the psychedelic winds of "wildlife crossing".Overused references are: Tangerine Dream, Fripp/Eno and Terry Riley.
$7.00 Other

Crevice 2 Uncle Buzz
The tripped-out atmospheres, synth-washes, and disembodied voices, now joined by violins, cellos, saxes, flute (and a little help from Barry Manilow) come on like some bizarre orchestra from mars."Crevice make eerie orchestral maneuvers and darkly beautiful droneage/subtly invade your consciousness and hold it hostage - and you gladly submit.."- AlternativePress
$7.00 Other

Re: Cooperation TransCollaboration Dog Fingers
Crevice guitarist James Sidlo (US), along with guitarist/ synthesist David Cooper Orton (UK) create lush atmospheric planetarium soundtracks. Excellent backdrops for voyages to black holes and colliding galaxies.
$7.00 Other

Mission Giant I Scream Social Uncle Buzz
Robotics, medical science, astrophysics, metaphysics,ecolog y, lost music from "The Warriors" soundtrack & creating "Music for Stephen Hawking to Whistle To"; This is the world of Mission Giant; a world where ordinary rock instruments like guitar, bass & drums have been discarded in favor of speak & spells, exercise records, ancient synthesizers and toy drum machines.
$7.00 Other

The Lysergic Dream Cult of the Dying Streetlamp Uncle Buzz
Nighttime visions of stalkers, cultists, graveyards, and alien landings pervade this collection of audio hallucinations. As the icy tentacles of sound drip from your speakers, you'll wonder if someone has spiked your stereo with LSD... But don't worry, there's no need to drop acid to enjoy the album. The Lysergic Dream has done all thework for you. Just turn on your stereo and tune into Cult of the Dying Streetlamp.
$7.00 Other

Hyperbubble Candy Apple Daydreams Bubblegum Records
San Antonio’s own international synth- pop sweethearts do it again.
$7.00 Other

Hyperbubble Solid Pop Bubblegum Records
Hyperbubble's debut CD, SOLID POP is an addictive collection of bionic beats, bouncy synth lines and melodies that stick to the side of your cranium like a tasty wad of Hubba Bubba. Get your hands on some SOLID POP today! Fans of Depeche Mode, Devo, Yello, Fischerspooner, and Ladytron will surely be pleased.
$7.00 Other

Hyperbubble Airbrushed Alibis Bubblegum Records
Hyperbubble fill their musical test tube with a mixture of both influence and invention. Jess has a voice reminiscent of Blondie,Ladytron, and Young Marble Giants, while Jeff's bouncy synth riffs will appeal to fans of Yello, Devo, and Giorgio. Imagewise,the pair bare a strong resemblance to Hasbro cartoon rockers Jem & The Holograms, as well as another synth- wielding duo from the 70's: The Captain & Tennille
$7.00  Other

Those of you who have shopped on the Saustex site(s) over the years have probably noticed that we haven't been offering non-Saustex releases as a matter of course over the past couple of years. There are several reasons for this but the main one is that the amount of time required to maintain the commerce backend and storefront isn't justified by the volume of sales. However, I've still got a lot of this stuff lurking around - well over 100 titles in many different genres. SO - Saustex is running a CD Blowout Sale. CD's are individually priced and/or available for 4 for $20 (below cost in almost all cases). Quantities are limited and some of it will sell out very quickly. Some great tunes and rarities up in here at a great price.
To order a single item email jeff.smith@saustex.com with the desired item and I will invoice you. To take advantage of the 4 for $20 sale use the button below. IF your shopping cart doesn't allow/give you an area to fill your  selections please email the address above, and remember that Saustex charges only $4.50 for shipping and handling for domestic orders regardless of size. International orders pay shipping by weight , which varies by country. Titles ARE being removed from the list as they sell out.
Finally - you can add any of the following Saustex releases by inactive bands to make up your four releases:
- The Copper Gamins The Copper Gamins EP
- The Copper Gamins Los Ninos de Cobre
- The Summer Wardrobe Cajun Prarie Fire
- The Service Industry Ranch Is The New French
- The Service Industry Limited Coverage
- The Service Industry Keep The Babies Warm
- The Service Industry Calm Down
- Glambilly White BBQ Sauce