Saustex & Hickoids Present - 

Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta 2015

Saustex is pleased to announce the lineup for the 2015 edition of the Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta, now in its sixth year. The four night, floating club mini-festival was originally conceived by the Hickoids as a dig at the similarly accronymed, behemoth Austin City Limits Festival which didn’t seem to feature much Austin music. It has probably failed as a publicity stunt as major music websites and magazines continue to ignore it. Staged entirely without sponsorship, the totally independent festival has taken on a life of its own and previously featured headliners including David Yow, Old 97’s, Wreckless Eric and BP Fallon surrounded by local talent and Saustex label acts. This year’s Fiesta will feature free admission on both Friday nights, the first being co-headlined by Mike Watt & His Missingmen and Hamell On Trial.

Our modest goal is to present local and regional music (mostly friends or folks we've met along the way), and a few national and international acts in a friendly and affordable adult environment. Unlike the majority of large festivals it is not programmed by statistics or to satisfy demographics, sell turkey legs or make anyone rich.

Friday October 2nd
The Gatsby
708 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78701
21+, free admission

Mike Watt & His Missingmen
Hamell On Trial
Gay Sportscasters
Microscopic Telescope

Mike Watt is a true hero of the American Underground beginning with his seminal work with The Minutemen and continued trailblazing with Firehose followed by subsequent contributions and collaborations too numerous to cite here. Fearless and relentless he has recorded and toured non-stop for 35 years,  most recently as the bass player for The Stooges and his own solo project Mike Watt & His Missingmen. His influence is vast and immeasurable as he now inspires a third generation of musicians with his unqualified independence and work ethic. It is a true honor to present him as the headliner of the first night of this year's ACLF.

Ed Hamell aka Hamell on Trial is similarly fearless and independent as the above-mentioned Watt. Finely honed over the past 25 years, his live performances are borderline spastic, sublimely misanthropic, thought provoking musical tragi-comedies that prove one man and a guitar can still make a difference. For the love of Peter, Paul, Jesus, Joseph and Mary...this ain't your folks' Folk Music!

Churchwood is one Austin's most riveting live acts. Combining the acrobatic wordplay of singer Joe Doerr with the improvisational inspired music written by the band they achieve a synthesis of garage, blues and experimental rock that perfectly complements the evening's headliners.

Rounding out the evening are party rocking fun lovers The Gay Sportscasters and the mutinous, mutant math rock of Microscopic Telescope.

Saturday October 3rd
The White Horse
500 Comal St., Austin, TX 78702
21+, $5 cover

Davie Allan & The Arrows
The Beaumonts
Rosie Flores
New Mystery Girl

In the late sixties Davie Allan & The Arrows carved their niche in the musical history books with an array of classic instrumentals and two dozen motion picture soundtracks. The most notable of the movies were Roger Corman's cult classic The Wild Angels (starring Peter Fonda and Nancy Sinatra) along with Devil's Angels (starring John Cassavetes), The Glory Stompers (starring Dennis Hopper) and The Born Losers (the film that introduced the character Billy Jack). Some of the other 60's B-Movies were Riot On Sunset Strip, Thunder Alley, The Angry Breed, Mary Jane, Teenage Rebellion, Hellcats, Mondo Hollywood, The Wild Racers and Wild in The Streets. More contemporarily Davie Allan’s music has been featured in films by Jim Jarmusch, Quentin Tarantino, in an episode of The Sopranos and on MTV. Often credited as the musician who popularized the fuzz guitar, his stamp is all over trash pop culture.

Saustex recording artists The Beaumonts are currently riding high with a new album titled “Hey Y’all It’s (The Beaumonts)” in heavy rotation on the Sirius Outlaw Country Channel. The video for Change My Name by the porno honky-tonkers from Lubbock has been racking up many hits as well.

Hickoids make the first of two appearances at this year’s ACLF with their first Austin show in almost 5 months. Rosie Flores has returned to her rocking roots after opening a string of shows for X, and New Mystery Girl will lay down perky garage gems.

Friday October 9th
1305 W. Oltorf, Austin, Texas 78704
18+, free admission

The Surlys
The Grundles

Pong make their first ever Corn Lovers appearance at the second of the free shows during this year’s Fiesta. With the members of legacy Austin psych-punk/grunge act Ed Hall at its core Pong combine an uplifting proto-rave sound reminescent of Eno’s early solo work with an engaging live show that has made them a local favorite.

Hickoids are in the unenviable position of following two energetic, younger acts also making their Corn Lovers’ debuts. The Surlys are a hard rocking trio of foxes inspired by The Runaways and Girlschool. The Grundles are a popular group of loud and snotty youngsters whose sound approximates a hybrid of early Replacements and late stage Oblivions.

Saturday October 10th
Hole In The Wall
2538 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX 78705
21+, $10 cover

Pocket FishRmen
The Hares
Peyote MX

It is very fitting that Miami based Blowfly (aka Clarence Reid) headlines the final night of the Fiesta. The pioneering nasty rapper has a five decade-plus career that has ranged an early gig as Huey “Piano” Smith’s driver, followed by success as songwriter for Betty Wright, Sam & Dave and KC & The Sunshine Band among others, to his metamorphasis as the superhero-masked slinger of four-letter rhymes. Blowfly has never been afraid to push buttons but his sometimes misogynistic wordplay is tempered by self-effacing humor that comes off as good natured and always leaves a smile on the audience’s face. While in Austin he will also complete work on his 2016 release for Saustex 77 Rusty Trombones.

Cunto! and Pocket FishRmen are perpetual ACLF faves. The former play an off-the-wall, jamboree on acid form of “Street Grass” that at times recalls the Fugs, while the FishRmen are Austin’s favorite sci-fi hyper-kinetic punk metal act with topical concept albums, the two latest of which examine face-eating chimps and prostate cancer, respectively.

The Hares play an updated and manic New Orleans R&B informed style of rock’n’roll while the Monterrey spawned Peyote MX play an off-kilter brand psycehedlic proto-punk.