You can't keep hard corn down...
If you're reading this you're probably already one of the "Children of the Corn" but if not here's a little background.

The Hickoids and myself started the Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta as a snarky publicity stunt and an (albeit tiny) alternative to the Austin City Limits Festival. It has probably failed as a publicity stunt as major music websites and magazines continue to ignore it. But we're proud to be presenting the Fiesta annually for the fifth time without any real sponsorship or handouts other than those mentioned below. (That leaves more room for the artists' names on the posters!) And, never you mind as three out of four nights were at capacity last year.

Our modest goal is to present local and regional music (mostly friends or folks we've met along the way), and a few national and international acts in a friendly and affordable adult environment. Unlike the majority of large festivals it is not programmed by statistics or to satisfy demographics, sell turkey legs or make anyone rich.

In keeping with these principals this year's graphic is a take on the old Blind Faith album cover. (Illustrated by Roy Tompkins) By extension, I'd like it to convey two ideas: we're not trying to reinvent the wheel, and, if we continue to make it fly you will ride it.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 3rd DOORS at 8:30, SHOW at 9pm
HOLE IN THE WALL - 2538 Guadalupe St., Austin, TX
$8 cover

It's fitting that we kick off this year's Corn Lovers Fiesta at the one club that has been a constant since the beginning. The scene of so many previous crimes and thousands of nights of great music, the Hole In The Wall just celebrated its 40th Anniversary and is a true landmark in a rapidly changing city.

Purple Stickpin is the latest band project from legendary Dallas proto-punk cum murder balladeer T. Tex Edwards. Tex's career stretches back to the mid-70's having opened for the Sex Pistols at their Dallas show in '78 with his band The Nervebreakers. His extensive discography includes releases on the Get Hip!, Sympathy For The Record Industry, New Rose and Saustex labels. He's been putting the finishing touches on a new garage-flavored disc with the Stickpin.

10pm - THE HARES
The Hares are  the latest addition to the Saustex roster. This seven piece from the Southside of San Antonio are evocative of rock'n'roll greats including Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino without sounding dated. Their horn fueled, high-octane R & B will get the party moving. Their debut album "Smoking in Bed" is already receiving high praise and airplay around the country.

Wreckless Eric has had a forty year career marked by a relentless DIY ethic and first gained notoriety as part of the Stiff Records stable. His single "The Whole Wide World" was lauded as one of the greatest punk and new wave singles of all time by Mojo Magazine. He is currently touring to promote a series of reissues of his work by Fire Records.

Midnight - HICKOIDS
The Hickoids finish out an emotional and hectic year of ups and downs with the first of two ACLF appearances. Guitarist Davy Jones will make his first live appearance since being diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer in May, which forced him to forego the band's European tour and miss shows with the band for the first time since joining in 1984. It's going to be a good night.

The Sons make their first ever Corn Lovers appearance to top off the Friday night festivities. The classics of American Punk (New York Dolls, The Stooges and Dead Boys) are all synthesized into The Sons of Hercules sound. Lead singer Frank Pugliese shames front men one-half and one-third his age as a spirited and timeless middle-finger waving catalyst for a band that never disappoints.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 4th doors at 4pm, show at 5
THE LOST WELL - 2421 Webberville Rd, Austin, TX

This will be the first time the Fiesta takes place at this Eastside venue. Former Lovejoy's barman Marcello Murphy has done a nice job with the site of The Frontier Bar, creating a local, loose and lived-in ambience, especially appropriate for this Saturday night's musical fare.

Debut performance of the hush-hush new side project from Ed Hall and PONG's Gary Chester.  Going exclusively on the name expect some proto-punk cum rave stylings.

These Corn Lovin' perennials always bring a new look (and band members!). Black Salve is anchored by the sweethearts of the Fiesta, singer Tracey Torres and guitarist Heavy Kevy, who will be honored in a special Cornation on this evening and crowned Queen and King Corn.

This mysterious band of gay pirate rockers come from New Orleans and will be making only their second live appearance in the past ten years. Expect them to play desperate seafaring anthems including "The Mast", "The Shanghai Strut" and "Whale of a Tail".

Screech of Death is a new act playing "Southern California Punk Rock with a Texas Twang" featuring Houston punk godfather JR Delgado, former The Next and  Hickoids drummer Arthur Hays and rock'n'roll mercenary Lisafer (D.I., 45 Grave, Nina Hagen).

9pm - FIRE BAD
Oklahoma City based "Monster Garage" band. Metal, surf, punk and fuzz all wrapped up in one very untidy package. The title of their debut album "Monster Lock'n'Loll" only hints at the humorous horror that lay at the heart of their sound.

10pm - HEY
Hey is a rootsy punk combo fronted by Texacala Jones (Tex & The Horseheads) and Chelsea Taylor (daughter of legendary Lubbock blues and rock guitarist Jesse Taylor).
Jones always delivers a performance that is simultaneously visceral, soulful and space-bound. Taylor's artful and inventive approach to the guitar shows the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Hailing from Chihuahua, Mexico  the punk-pop quartet Seis Pistos have been together 15 years but are just now reaching out for an American audience with their latest album "Rocktrospectiva". Legendary wild-man producer Kim Fowley said this of the band "I have heard the future of Latin rock music, and that song belongs to Seis Pistos." As with a lot of Mexican rock acts they don't lend themselves to easy description. Probably more musically influenced by The Ramones and Green Day than The Sex Pistols (as their name might suggest) the band churns out anthems in English and Spanish.

Midnight - DINOLA
Anchored by drummer Jimmy Ford, longtime behind the scenes guy and one time manager of Richard Hell, this New Orleans (hence the name "DiNola") based quartet play a goth-twinged brand of desert rock. Ford's ol' lady Sue fronts the band with sultry and assaultive vocal aplomb.

The PDB's are undoubtedly Houston's favorite and longest running punk rock act. Singer Byron Dean puts the poor, the dumb and the bastard into motion every time his oversized, duct-tape bondage masked visage hits the stage, tapping the fountain of youth each time to be 15 again...if only for 47 minutes.

FRIDAY OCTOBER 10th DOORS at 6, show at 7pm
ABGB - 1305 W. Oltorf, Austin, TX
$10 suggested donation
ABGB is the second virgin venue for this year's ACLF. The roomy South Austin brewpub will play host to a benefit for Team Blixa and The National Leukemia Lymphoma Society. A very special thanks goes out in advance to Nanette Labastida (an Austin realtor and cancer survivor herself) and Eileen Gill and the The Gill Agency for helping to underwrite the talent for this evening.

Team Blixa was set up to help the family of Blixa Cawley (son of The Grannies guitarist Sluggo). Blixa was diagnosed with childhood leukemia a couple of years ago. He has responded well to treatment, but even with insurance the cost of his care is financially crushing.

The Leukemia Lymphoma Society is a top-rated national charity (meaning here that they spend money on research and treatments instead of inordinate amounts on fundraising) with the ultimate goal of finding a cure for both diseases, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and the near-term goal of improving the quality of life of patients and their families.

The Painted Redstarts play indie rock tempered by good home training. Featuring William Harries Graham (son of Jon Dee Graham) the band has already received high praise in The New York Times, Rolling Stone and was the July 2014 Deli Artist of the Month.

Churchwood is perhaps Austin's greatest all-around band. These local vets are alumni of venerated local acts but don't rest on their laurels, having just released their third full length album in four years. Their sound is simultaneously rootsy, adventurous, hard-edged and intellectual, and their live show is riveting.

If you could hop in a rock and roll time machine and follow any one person's adventures through the years BP Fallon would be a man whose coattails  you might wish to ride. Submerged in music all his life. Irish. Disc jockey on the radio since 17 years old. Photographer and writer.  Publicist to Led Zeppelin and Tone Loc. Played tom toms on "Whole Lotta' Love" live, described by Marc Bolan as "Purple browed Beep" in the T. Rex hit "Telegram Sam". Mimed bass guitar with John Lennon on "Top Of The Pops", worked at The Beatles' Apple Records where one of his jobs was testing Paul McCartney's grass. Press Officer at the infant Island Records, representing Traffic, Joe Cocker, Free, King Crimson and Jimmy Cliff. Helped Bob Geldof become a pop star and Ian Dury become a Blockhead. Managed Johnny Thunders and played harmonica on the album "So Alone" alongside Phil Lynott, Steve Marriott and Steve Jones and Paul Cook of The Sex Pistols. Has photographed everyone from Jerry Lee Lewis to Public Enemy, Emmylou Harris to Iggy Pop. More recently he has added performer to his resumé, having a 7" produced by Jack White and released on Third Man Records, making a full length album with BP Fallon and the Bandits (featuring  Clem Burke and Nigel Harrison of Blondie) and most recently recording with Austin's own Ghost Wolves. This night will be your opportunity to witness and be part of that rock'n'roll history.

The Gay Sportscasters play manic party rock. Supplanted by their lovely dancers the Lollygaggers, the show is high energy, unadulterated fun and is the aural and visual equivalent of the tasteless catchphrase "there's a party in your mouth and everybody's coming".

The Pocket FishRmen are Austin's favorite intersection of rock music and science fiction. Their sound is a hybrid of punk, glam and metal with lyrical themes that range from face-eating pet chimps to firsthand musings on prostate cancer. Never a dull moment with these lads.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 11th DOORS at 6:30, SHOW at 7pm
THE WHITE HORSE - 500 Comal St., Austin, TX
The finale of the Corn Lovers Fiesta is at The White Horse again this year. And what a lineup it is! This "Dirty Sixth" nightspot has become one of Austin's favorites in the past couple of years owing to its great hospitality and top flight local honky tonk bands.

Stevie's debut solo album "7:30 A.M." was the first release on the Saustex label. The Atlanta native was the leader of legendary Gothbilly band The Tombstones. His solo work embraces his country, folk and gospel roots. He recently launched his own label ALTCO Recordings. This will be his first appearance back in Austin after an absence of several years.

The Swindles are perennial favorite in San Antonio, having cut their teeth at Tacoland. They were also the last band to play the storied venue the night before Ram Ayala's tragic murder. Rocking Tex-Mex and Country done right.

Rocking Tex-Mex, Country and Punk done wrong.

Javier Escovedo is the founder of legendary San Diego punk band The Zeros, also a founding member of The True Believers and brother of much-loved, higher profile superman Alejandro Escovedo. While his brother's music flirts with a variety of genres Javier's has remained anchored solidly on rock'n'roll footing with timeless original songs rooted in 60's and early 70's garage, pop and glam rock.

This duo combines Throw Rag frontman Sean Wheeler and Weirdos, Circle Jerks and Joe Strummer Band guitarist Zander Schloss. The result is not what one would expect at all. Poetic, humorous and elegant at times, they are a must see.

Cunto! is not especially poetic or remotely elegant. These streetgrass warriors are a sight to behold as they bash with furious abandon and a warped world view. The band has a rabid following and always leaves them wanting more.

The Beaumonts, a staple of Sirius Radio's Outlaw Country Channel since the release of their "Where Do You Want It?" album on Saustex early last year, combine blue humor with convincing honky tonk. They'll be previewing tunes from their forthcoming album to close out the 2014 edition of The Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta.