Saustex is pleased to once again be an official presenter at SXSW. Our relationship with SXSW has allowed great access to business folk through the years and given the artists we work with the opportunity to be seen by reps at the world's largest music industry conference. Additionally this year - our showcase will be held at one of the most local friendly venues, The Saxon Pub, located away from the fray on South Lamar. C'mon out and support the great lineup:
1 am - Javier Escovedo & The City Lights Band
Javier Escovedo is best known as founder of both The Zeros, punk rock legends from Chula Vista, California, one of the first Mexican-American punk bands who recorded for BOMP! Records, and The True Believers, the band that spearheaded Austin's "New Sincerity" movement. Javier continues to make great records that are heavily influenced by 60's garage and pop rock and 70's glam and proto-punk. He'll be joined  by his great band of Hector Muñoz on drums, Brad Rice (former guitarist of Keith Urban's band for several years) and the artist known as Cornbread on the bass. They'll be working on a record for release by Saustex in 2015 later that week.
Midnight - BP Fallon
Straight out of Dublin, Ireland Fallon has spent a lifetime in music as a storied DJ (U2's Zoo TV Tour), writer, photographer, publicist (Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, T Rex) and manager (Johnny Thunders) but has come to the table as a performer only relatively recently. Described in Hammer Of The Gods as "a visionary imp", by Vogue magazine as "a gentle wispy sorcerer", and by Bono as " a rock'n'roll creature. The only white black man I know apart from Bob Dylan", Fallon has always possessed a nose for what is new and crucial. Saustex recently released his album 'Live In Texas'. He'll be joined by the 'Live In Texas' crew - Aaron Lee Tasjan, Danny B. Harvey and Joe King Carrasco on guitars and more.
11 pm - Churchwood plus The Money Shot Brass
Churchwood are quite arguably Austin's greatest live act. Based on the long running musical partnership of Poison 13 member Bill Anderson and sometime LeRoi Brother Joe Doerr, the bands dizzying brand of "dystopic blues" is singular and inventive and they always deliver a riveting live performance. Not to be missed.
10 pm - The Krayolas with The Westside Horns
This San Antonio based band were known in the original incarnation as "The Mexican-American Beatles". Their love of 60's rock'n'roll is still at play but their sound has expanded to include more traditional elements of "Border Music" and Americana. They'll be joined on this night by the world famous, globe-trotting Westside Horns.
9 pm - A Pony Named Olga
A Pony Named Olga is already a familiar name around Europe where they've played hundreds of shows over the past several years in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal. The Berliners arrive with a jazzed up take on cowpunk that blends polka, big beat, rockabilly and rock. Lyrically biting and wryly comedic, they avoid the linguistic pitfalls of many German bands that sing in English. Lead vocalist Heinrich Heimpel has a high, throaty timbre -- perhaps reminding of a modern-day male equivalent to Wanda Jackson. He's no slouch on his Gretsch six-string either, seamlessly blending a wide variety of styles with panache. Bassist "Luscious" Lloyd Clark slaps with class and high showmanship while drummer Steve The Machine lives up to his name. This is musically deft psychobilly that's the soundtrack for any roots rocking party.
8 pm - Trixie Trainwreck
What do you say about a gal like Trixie? Also hailing from Berlin Ms. Trainwreck is a hot touring commodity across the Euro-Zone at festivals and nightclubs. Her live act mixes elements of American rockabilly and roots with a hint of closer-to-home chanteuse stylings. "For those of you who have not yet heard Trixie Trainwreck and her No Man Band, I would hurry up. Trixie (Trinity Sarratt) will never be lost to Berlin, but with her cultivated look and talent, we will soon only be able to see her between world tours. With a rock steady rhythm guitar strum and the round boom of her one woman band bass drum, Trixie poured out heartfelt country ballads, with an occasional rock and roll growl, just in case you might think its an angel singing. Catch her while you can." (Kevin Fletcher- Indie Berlin)
THURSDAY MARCH 19th 7:30pm - 2am, SX badges, wristbands and single paid admissions (cover is yet to be determined but will be $10 or less, get there early to ensure entry), 21+
1320 Lamar Square Dr.
Austin, TX 78704

Our friends at The White Horse present one rowdy-assed night of Texas Punk, Country, Tex Mex and Rock'n'Roll. Out of towners will be left slack jawed by this one-night-only exhibition in how roots music is done Texas Style with verve and a healthy amount of disrespect.
1 am - The Beaumonts
The Beaumonts are the world's premier porno honky tonk band. Stars of the SiriusXM Outlaw Country Channel, the pride of Central Lubbock will have you stomping your feet and singing along to audience faves including "If You Don't Love The Lord", "The Boots Stay On (And So Does The Hat)", "Toby Keith" and many more...just don't leave your goats alone with these flatlanders!
Midnight - Hickoids
The Hickoids have had a long and checkered career with a few peaks and a lot of deep valleys. Places like The White Horse are where they shine best, playing low to the floor in front of a well-lubricated, fun loving audience.
11 pm - Jumpolin's Revenge
From straight outta' San Quilmas, it will be interesting to see what this mysterious bunch of Norteño Punks unleash on the Wednesday night crowd. Word has it they bring a furious, accordion fronted assault that leaves audiences with melted raspas and faces.
10 pm - The Hares
"The Pride of The Southside" (of San Antonio, that is) reinvigorate New Orleans style R & B with a youthful, psychotic infusion. This seven-piece's keyboard and horn driven sound keeps the ladies moving and the men can only follow.
9 pm - Mitch Webb and the Swindles
Another San Anto entry on this evening, The Swindles have honed their Tex-Mex switchblade to a fine edge. They manage to channel the greats of the genre ( Doug Sahm , Freddy Fender, Sunny Ozuna,etc.) without making it feel like an oldies show. A must-see for the uninitiated.
8 pm - El Pathos
Combining a rhythm section comprised of original members of Texas hardcore punk legends The Dicks and The Offenders with the bluesy, punk wailing of well-loved and travelled frontman David Duet, formerly of West Coast outfits Girl Trouble, Catbutt and Hot For Chocolate, El Pathos show that these guys have plenty of piss and vinegar left in them.
WEDNESDAY MARCH 18th 7:30 pm - 2am $5, 21+
500 COMAL ST., Austin, TX 78702


And we're happy to be bringing a dance worthy day party to the spacious and inviting South Austin brewpub ABGB with a nice mixture of old and new friends.

5 pm - PONG

Austin veterans of Ed Hall and many other acts combine for a proto-rave vibe reminiscent of Brian Eno's early solo albums. They released their latest album "Gone" via Saustex in 2014.

4 pm - Seis Pistos

Kinetic skate punk via Chihuahua, Mexico. I caught these guys twice last fall - great presentation with a sharp syncopated sound. Their version of "Stairway to Heaven" is the best.

3 pm - Pocket FishRmen

Sci-fi punk metal with lyrics inspired by everything from a past president's daughter  to face-ripping chimps to prostate cancer. If these guys don't make you laugh and move you are too old.

2 pm - Gay Sportscasters

As they are possibly celebrating their 20th anniversary as a concept and band  during this year's SXSW the revolving cast of boys and girls in the 'caster crew continue to deliver fun on demand with party hits like "Paul Lynde" and "Canihavasoda".

1 pm - The Stingers (ATX)

Anchored by Jonny Meyers (late of Brooklyn), The Stingers bring their traditional ska and rock steady sound back to Austin for the first time in recent memory. They inspired a lot of baby-making auditioning back in the day.

noon - Bachaco

I haven't caught this hard-working and touring band out of Miami in the past couple of years but I imagine all the road work has only served to hone their live show and reggae infused, Latin influenced brand of ska rock.

FRIDAY MARCH 20th noon - 6pm FREE! 16 +


1305 W. Oltorf St., Austin, TX 78704

AND if you're brave enough to still be hanging around Austin on Saturday afternoon March 21st we'll be co-hosting  the "2nd Annual Last Ever Whoopsy! Party" or whatever that deviant Chad Holt is calling it this year at The 04 Lounge. It's free and the hijinx start at 2pm. This is definitely the loosest of the legacy parties. Get up in it.

7:50 pm Fire Bad!

7:00 pm The Grawks

6:10 pm The Beaumonts

5:20 pm Rice Moorehead & His Ladies

4:30 pm Hickoids

3:40 pm Cody Brooks

2:50 pm Eightball Aitken

2:00 pm New Mystery Girl

SATURDAY MARCH 21st, 2pm-9pm, FREE, 21+


3808 S. Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78704